“Missions.Me produces the most exciting, highest impact group missions experiences in the world.  Let us provide your team a “once in a life-time” level outreach.”

This ongoing project is my favourite so far. It is the first project I’ve dived into VueJS with, and I am honestly a big fan now. VueJS works great in creating reactive and feature rich multi-page web applications. We chose to use VueJS for  several reasons. The flexibility of using multiple small components on a page that can communicate with each other or just operate independently; The templates using the .vue files that contain the HTML, CSS and JS all in one file – allowing the developers and designers to easily work closely with that component; And the ease scalability – adding new components and dropping them in is as simple as, create file, import, GO!

Shout out to http://saltless.co/ for the amazing design work!

Built With

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    Laravel Framework 5
    VueJS v1
    BootStrap 3
    Ongoing Project

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